Cloud Computing

We will bring clarity to your cloud

Essentially, 'Cloud Computing' turns software from a capital cost to an operating expense. Simple - until you consider issues security of access, availability and data.

We fully understand the technical, operational and, yes, emotional issues surrounding Cloud Computing. We've developed and maintained countless cloud solutions and have accumulated the insights needed to make your cloud journey trouble- and worry-free.
Let us help you master the benefits and possibilities of being on the Cloud, with our expertise in:

Backup Solutions

Cloud solutions are ideal for managing secure offsite data backups. Netspan's business continuity experts can vastly simplify your backup regime by removing any need for your team to manually backup, manage schedules, or maintain storage devices.

By helping you automatically backup to the cloud, via encrypted online data transfers, we can create and maintain a solution that:

  • Stores your valuable data in secure offsite data centres
  • Helps to ensure your business continuity
  • Protects your computing records from fire, theft and other local disasters

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Despite the countless potential disasters out there, losing your crucial IT systems doesn't have to devastate your business. Netspan can help you prepare for the worst, so you can operate confidently and recover quickly - whatever happens.
Ask us about solutions that protect you by:

  • Automatically replicating your applications and data in a stand-by environment
  • Rapidly recovering and redeploying your IT assets after a disaster
  • Automating failover testing ahead of a planned migration or recovery
  • Providing 360 protection at very reasonable cost

Infrastructure Solutions

Hosted infrastructure solutions have the potential to free up capital, cash flow, IT staff and even floor space. Netspan can help you move your investment in IT infrastructure onto the cloud, so you can save on purchasing and maintaining equipment, providing cool and secure server environments, offering helpdesk support and more.
We can tailor a solution to suit your business needs, plan a seamless migration, and provide ongoing support. So be sure to ask us why moving to hosted infrastructure is an ideal way to:

  • Reduce capital expenditure, operating costs and TCO
  • Consolidate infrastructure and reduce complexity
  • Gain the protection of enterprise-grade (or better) security
  • Improve asset and system manageability

Software Solutions

The classic Cloud Computing model is Software as a Service - paying to access and use the software you need online, instead of paying upfront to own it. This moves software from a capital expenditure to an operating cost, with ongoing ownership savings through the lowered staff and equipment costs of hosting, deploying and maintaining software yourself.
Netspan can help you identify your opportunities in cloud-based software, then create and manage solutions that help you:

  • Save time and money
  • Focus on core business and strategic IT
  • Reduce capital expenditure

Desktop Solutions

Delivering desktop solutions via the cloud give your team the freedom and flexibility they need to be productive from almost anywhere. They also make administering and maintaining your software licenses a simple, centralised process. And the benefits can range from extending your service hours or office space, to being able to offer work-life balance options that help you recruit and retain the best staff:

  • Flexibility to work from anywhere
  • Simplified administration
  • Reduced management and operating costs