IT Solutions

Get your IT working for your staff, not vice-versa

With our deep expertise in IT and a customer-centric attitude, Netspan is the perfect partner for optimising your IT investment. We can help you identify and implement strategies for making your investment in IT as effective and profitable as possible.

We don’t just approach IT solutions from a technical standpoint either. We make sure we also understand your business needs and goals, as well as the ways you like to operate, so the range of IT Solutions we recommend and deliver will fit you like a glove.


Server virtualisation is one of the simplest ways to reduce IT complexity and operating costs. The solution consolidates your IT services onto a central server (or servers), that has its capacity partitioned into ‘virtual servers’. This helps keep your IT infrastructure more flexible and scalable, making it easier to keep up with changing business needs and technologies.

We can help assess your capacity requirements and optimise a virtualisation solution to help you:

  • Operate more efficiently, scale seamlessly, and provision services faster
  • Minimise your server operating and maintenance costs
  • Improve system uptime and upset recovery times
  • Reduce CAPEX by migrating to service delivery models

Datacentre Solutions

Let Netspan’s team be your experts for managing your datacenter services, so you don’t have to keep an internal IT team on constant standby. We can help plan, recommend and manage your organisation’s:

  • Hosted datacenter solutions
  • Hosted server infrastructure
  • Internal datacentre design and implementation

Systems Integration

Integrating IT systems can be time consuming, expensive and risky. Our expertise in this field, coupled with our willingness to really listen to what your business needs to achieve, means we can help you implement and integrate solutions without the headaches. Whether you want to incorporate emerging technologies or simply move onto an established platform, we’ll work to resolve the issues that are unique to your business, industry, or cross-enterprise relationships by:

  • Defining your IT processes
  • Integrating multiple systems and applications
  • Introducing or adapting technology solutions