Consultancy Services

Let us work with you to deliver solutions that will save your business time and money

With our broad expertise in various industry verticals and a customer-centric attitude, Netspan is the perfect partner for optimizing your IT investments. We can help you identify and implement strategies for making each investment in IT as efficient and profitable as possible.

We don’t just approach IT solutions from a technical standpoint. By making sure we understand your business requirements and operational goals first, we're able to recommend and deliver turn-key IT solutions that provide the best fit for your business.

Project Management

IT Project Management is a unique and specialized field that Netspan has appreciable experience in. We appreciate the complexities of managing not just how solutions are deployed, but also how those software and hardware solutions process information.

We understand that every IT project is unique, and we combine the learnings of all our past projects with the understanding that yours will be different. So our project managers and consultants will work closely with you, paying attention to your needs and concerns, to deliver a successful and thoroughly transparent outcome.

Security Reviews

Taking steps and adding services to secure your IT infrastructure is one thing, but accurately identifying the potential threats first is quite another. With our experience in IT security auditing, Netspan can help you recognize and rate your vulnerabilities, so that your investment in Security will be properly targeted and most cost effective. Our security review consultancy will include things like:

  • Audit of network security threats
  • Technical assessments of systems and applications
  • Active directory and file structure auditing

Relocation Services

Netspan Consultants can help you enjoy a smooth and speedy relocation of your IT infrastructure, whether you’re moving desktops to a new office or transitioning your entire IT infrastructure to a new datacenter. We’ll work with you to minimize downtime, service interruptions, and business risk, by paying attention to the needs of your people as well as your systems. Our experience includes:

  • Physical and virtual relocations to datacenters
  • Migration of service providers
  • Moving to the National Broadband Network (NBN)

Infrastructure Design

Designing IT infrastructure is as vital to your business’ success as properly engineered foundations are to a building project. By using our expert support services, you can be confident of entering a relationship where your needs and priorities take center stage, while we add the experience and insights to design the most efficient, effective, and future-proofed solutions.

Our experts will work with you to:

  • Standardize your business and information requirements
  • Implement technical performance indicators
  • Optimize consolidation and scalability
  • Reduce your IT footprint, and total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Leverage technologies like virtualization to minimize IT costs
  • Implement technical performance indicators

IT Procurement

Even when you know “what” to purchase, the “how” of IT Procurement can bring its own sets of complications. Aligning your internal procurement processes with the needs of multiple technology vendors and your deployment schedule can create a huge management task.

With our range of established vendor relationships and the full set of end-to-end lifecycle services we offer, it makes sense to outsource IT Procurement to the Netspan team. It means you can focus on your core business, while we take ownership of the logistics, deployment timeline, and ongoing management functions – and pass on the advantages of our Volume Purchase Discounts and Preferred Supplier Programs to maximize the value of your acquisition.